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Action Ladies in High Heels: This is way worse than just a possible broken ankle.

So something’s been really stickin in my craw lately. Enough to get me out of my posting hibernation even!

I really, really hate seeing female action characters running around in heels. It screams objectification to me and really just turns up the “HEY LADIES YOU CAN BE STRONG AND STUFF, BUT FIRST YOU GOTS TO BE SEXAY” message to 11. And it’s freaking everywhere right now.

Black Widow in the latest Cap Movie went into multiple situations where it was known before hand that the likelihood of seeing some action was very high. AND SHE STILL WORE HIGH HEELED BOOTS.

Black Widow Heels

This is during the long action sequence in which she literally jumps off a bridge.

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Why are humans sexist?

We know sexism exists, even if we aren’t willing to admit to its presence in our own lives, and the evidence of it is in nearly every nook and cranny of our collective civilization. But how did that whole sexism thing get started? Are humans just inherently sexist?

Well if you ask most evolutionary psychologists, they’ll tell you the answer to the last question is yes, because men are bigger and stronger than women and so, bam just like that, sexism is a fact of life for humans and has been in existence since before humans were human. Which is why you should never ask a evo psychologist that question, because their answer is seriously misogynist, cis-sexist, and a completely revisionist view of our species’ history. Read more of this post

Jockey Bras: Yes, it’s like a jockey strap for your boobs

I have the dubious distinction of belonging to the segment of the population that is, shall we say, well endowed. Blessed in the chest. My cups runneth over. To put it straight, I’ve got big boobs, and not to make mountains out of molehills (though I would like to make molehills out of mountains, or at least settle on maybe some nice rolling hills) but having big boobs can suck. A lot. Especially when you’re looking for bras. Which is where this product review for the new Jockey bras comes in, but first: some back story. Because we all know boob talk is the best talk, and I do love to talk. Read more of this post

Americans Elect: Just More Politics As Usual

Let’s face it, the US political system is a little shoddy. Shady, even. Especially when it comes to electing presidents. Really, when it comes down to it, the Presidential elections turn into pissing contests between only two nominees that may or may not have been chosen by their constituents to represent their party and who are elected to lead our country by some shadowy, not-well-understood group who may or may not follow the will of the people and elect the rightful winner of the popular vote. It can, at times, honestly seem like these elections aren’t about the weighing of the pros and cons of individual candidates but are instead a forced choice to put in charge the lesser of the two evils the nebulous entities known as the Republican and Democratic Parties have foisted onto us through the magic of politics.

Unsurprisingly, the citizenry is getting a little sick of all of this politicking and out of this zietigiest Americans Elect was born. They say they’re a new way to do politics. Vote for a canidate not a party is their battle cry, but is this organization really that revolutionary? Are they really shaking up the political scene as much as they claim to be or is it the same ol’ same ol’ just under different management?

Judging from that ad alone, it definitely seems to be the later. If Americans Elect was really trying to change the way we do politics, they might’ve thought to show some women as potential candidates in the ad.  Read more of this post

The Dreaded Booth Babe Discussion

Blergh! I wanted to write a post about booth babes and boobtastic game art at PAX’11. I even had it half-written, but ya know what? It’s the same damn post that’s been written dozens of times by dozens of gamers, feminists, and people just generally pissed off at being treated like crap by the marketing teams of the games industry. It’s the same damn post, the same damn ideas, and the same damn words that have been said hundreds of times since women first started participating in the gaming community and faced the ugly sexism this medium offers up as counter-cultural, nerdy coolness. It’s been said time and time again, in flowery academic prose and angry blogosphere rants. I had nothing new to add to the topic, no new insights or revelations, at least none that I haven’t already stated on this blog half a dozen times. So, I didn’t write that post because I didn’t feel like repeating myself or the myriads of others who find this trend to be such a disappointing and alienating aspect of our favorite hobby.

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