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The Elder Scrolls Online: PAX Demo Review

Going into PAX this was the game I was most excited to see. Day 1, minute 1 (well after I got by swag bag from the queue room) I headed straight to the Bethesda booth to get in line for the demo. It took an hour and a half of standing on very hard concrete, but it was worth it to get an amazing 20 minute session of playing the game. So worth it, in fact, that I stood in that line again the next day just so I could spend more time looking at the game again. Now, before I get into an in-depth review of the game, y’all need to understand two things about my perspective. One: I am a primarily an MMO player and a TES player second. I’ve only played Oblivion and Skyrim, and I’ve never actually finished either game despite having spent well over 100 hours in each. Second: I am not into hardcore game mechanics or such. I play a game based on the feel, looks, and lore. The mechanics have to be decent, but as long as the combat feels fun and solid, the looks are good (and not horribly problematic) and story setting interesting, then I’ll gladly play it and enjoy it for at least a little while.

With all that being said, I freaking loved what I saw of the Elder Scrolls Online. Read more of this post

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