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She’s Aliiiiiive!

Well, sorta anyways. It’s been a hell of a start to a year, busy as all get out, but it’s finally starting to calm down now. (Perhaps I shouldn’t say that, don’t want life throwing me yet another curve ball *knocks on wood*).

I’ve finally gotten enough free time to start playing games again and right now I’m in the middle of two games and eagerly awaiting a third game to release tomorrow (bet ya can’t guess which that is).

The two games I’m currently playing are Uncharted 2 and Kingdoms of Amalur: the Reckoning (such a long title, that) and I must say, both of those games make the feminist in me breathe a nice sigh of relief. They’re not by any means perfect, but they are a damn sight better than most games out there. Uncharted 2 actually passed the video game Bechdel test yesterday which was very nice considering that most games following the prototypical White Guy Doing Adventure Times storyline tends to only have a woman in it as the romantic interest (because that’s obviously all that women are good for) or none because a romance would get in the way of the plot. Uncharted 2 though has two women in it, both of which do have a romance plot, but they are both very distinct and strong characters in their own right. They don’t just exist because Nate has a thing for wooing the ladies. This all just makes me super excited for Uncharted 3 which I know has three, yes THREE, ladies in it. That’s so unheard of!!

And then there’s Amalur (or KoA:tR if we want to get abbreviatatey). That game is a fantastically feminist fantasy game. There’s elves and gnomes and fairies and nary a chainmail bikini to be seen. Well, except for that one lady who seems to be the epitome of a femme fatale using her feminine wiles (i.e. her bare ass) to distract unwitting marks, but there does also seem to be more to it than that. Maybe. I dunno, haven’t gotten too far into it yet. But all the other ladies and gents in the game are awesome. Sister Zelda’s quest line especially hearkened to my heart, as did the possibly gay fae knight couple. The one thing that warms my cockles the most, though, really is the gender parity in armor. I can’t tell you how tiresome and soul-sapping it is to see game after game treat my avatar like she’s supposed to be some sorta sex symbol or like I’m supposed to want to be titillation by her bared midriff and plunging cleavage. I get why people enjoy that (men and women alike), but it is so freaking nice to finally have a fantasy game that lets me don a real suit of armor equal to that of any male counterparts I might encounter.

Tomorrow though, I plan to be knee deep in Mass Effect 3. That game (and especially its marketing) has a hell of a lot of gender problems, but there is little in this world that is more exciting than getting to finish an epic storyline. Especially if that story has Jennifer Hale starring as a kick ass, takes no shit Commander Shephard beating back an invasion of giant squid robots and saving the Earth, the Galaxy, and all known sapient life from certain doom. Ah, yes, I will most definitely overlook the effed up gender dynamics of the Mass Effect world so that I can play through the last chapter of Commander Shephard’s story. But only for just as long as it takes to get through the game. You can most likely expect a rant about certain things when I’m done.

Anyhoo, I’m going to go back to playing my games for a while and leave you now with this awesome new trailer (that I totally havent watched a half dozen times already >.>) to psych up any other FemShep fans for the game’s release tomorrow.


2 responses to “She’s Aliiiiiive!

  1. Brinstar March 9, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    I don’t want to dampen your spirits regarding UNCHARTED 3, but it might be good to be prepared: the women in UNCHARTED 3 were underutilised and I was left wanting more depth and more screen time for all.

  2. Zaewen March 9, 2012 at 7:22 pm

    That’s a shame to hear. But I am still looking forward to seeing three women star in a video game cause that’s rather uncommon to see in a game like Uncharted…. which is also a bit depressing lol.

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