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Radio Silence and Escaping into Skyrim

Ya know what’s annoying?  I’ve got about a half-dozen ideas for posts I want to write, but I’m stuck in the middle of a serious case of blogger’s block. Its not that I don’t know what I want to write or how I want to write it, its more a case of a lack of motivation. Apparently being unemployed for 22 months straight is enough to get you a couple bouts of minor depression. Whodathunk that sending out dozens upon dozens of applications without ever hearing a word back, let alone landing an interview, would cause you to feel a lil down on your luck. Which brings me to the subject matter of this post’s title: Escaping into Skyrim.

Dragons make everything better. This is a fact.

I realized the other day that I have been using Skyrim as a huge escapism outlet for my malaise. It really is the perfect vehicle to give me a little catharsis in that area. Firstly, it doesn’t have any hugely glaring gender issues going on, so I can enjoy it without my sexism alarm bells going off (though there are some things that keep tugging at my brain that I’d like to write about…. if I ever get the gumption up to do so). Secondly, the peoples of Skyrim are more than eager to hand me a job, any job, and pay me lovely sums of money when I’m finished. If only finding work was this easy in the real world, but then again I’m not really the Dragonborn and dragons aren’t constantly attacking the countryside creating an upswing in demand for fire-resistant adventurers. Lastly, and maybe most pleasurably, thanks to my penchant for theivery (seriously, I’m nearing clinical levels of kleptomania) I have a hoard of gold worthy of any dragon kin. This gives me the by-proxy joy of being able to buy whatever I want, whenever I want without worrying about my food budget or if we’ll have enough money to keep the heat on. That, I think, is the thing I miss most about being a fully-employed, gainfully earning lil wage worker: I always had enough to buy all those little things that caught my eye in stores. I mean I never was living the high-life where I could buy fancy cars on a whim or buy a whole new computer without saving up first, but damnit I could buy that new set of tupperware I see in the store every week to replace the old, gross, half-missing set we have now or have a nice dinner date out with my husband without worrying about going over budget. I miss that, and I think those lil reminders of what I no longer have are the things that get me down the most. Well, that and the whole never getting a call-back thing. (Did I mention how awesome it is to be wanted as an employee, of sorts, in Skyrim?)

So yeah, I’ve been drowning my sorrows a bit in Skyrim lately, and probably will be for a while still. I’ve got *looks at Steam* 52 hours under my belt and I’ve only made it as far as the Elven embassy part of the main quest line (holy crap, that’s like 45+ hours of side quests and just generally screwing around in the world). I’m still working on those other posts slowly but surely(one is about some EvoPsych that isnt total bullshit, yay!). It’s just going to take me some time till I get up and over this lil funk I’m in (and over my Skyrim addiction, holy crap 52 hours).


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