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Nerds and Cheesecake: My weekend at PAX

Wrapping up a great weekend at PAX with yet another long drive down the West Coast. A full day’s drive is definitely a fair trade for the opportunity to go to of the biggest gaming conventions this side of the continental divide.

I had a blast hanging out with my friends and demoing all sorts of upcoming games. I know my twitterfeed had mostly complaints about some of the gaming ads, but I promise you I spent far more of my time vigorously enjoying myself than “getting offended” by semi-naked women. It’s just that during those times I was having way too much fun to pull out my phone and try to fight the edge network on my phone to get a tweet out. Getting better cell service and free wifi in the convention center is definitely one of the things PAX should work on to make it a structurally/technologically better event.

That and maybe convince the Cheesecake Factory to give out coupons in the swag bags. That place is primed to be(and partially already is) the best place to eat a full meal during the day. It’s right across the street from the main entrance, has comfy seats to give your aching feet a break, and delicious food to fill a growling nerd-belly, but it can get fairly expensive. Ah, and the namesake desserts there are so delicious, especially the Kahlua Chocolate Cheesecake! So yummy! Note to Penny Arcade: you should totally promote more consumption of that kind of delectable cheesecake instead of all the boobular cheesecake that the exhibitors stuff into their displays.

Anyhoo, expect several PAX posts in the coming days with game reviews, advertising analysis, and some thoughts on the one panel I managed to attend (the exhibition floor was far too distracting and I lost track of time more than once, whoops!).


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