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Steam/Ubisoft ad lightens up the inhabitants of From Dust

From Dust is a great lil indie game that just recently came out on the XBox 360 (it’ll be coming to PS3 and PC soon too). I’ve been playing it off an on and do plan on writing up a lil article/review on it, but I just saw this on my Steam account:

A white man in a tattered loincloth and mask with a long feathered headdress raises his staff in defiance against a backdrop of chaotic natural elements

To anyone who has played the game…. this picture looks just dead wrong. The inhabitants of the game are all very dark skinned, yet the man used to market the game is much, much lighter than them. There’s a long history in marketing of lightening dark skinned people to make them more appealing to the mainstream white audience. Its just sad that such a great, creative, and beautiful game had to fall prey to this marketing tactic that completely whitewashes the characters and story of the game… characters and stories, which btw, are very rarely seen in gaming media (or any media for that matter) because of the media’s insistence that only white people’s stories are worth being told.

For comparison, and to show off the true beauty of the game and the characters of From Dust, here is an actual screenshot of one woman from the game:

A dark skinned woman wearing a mask stands on the outskirts of her village, a big sphere of dirt hovers behind her.


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