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These damn cobwebs

Sorry for the nearly month long silence over here. I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch and its made blogging a little more difficult than usual. I’m going to be doing more posts soon and perhaps even making an attempt at posting more than once a week. I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to talk about, and I’m finally getting the time/energy to do so. For now though, I will amuse with a picture and a small anecdote about Saints Row 2:

I’ve started playing Saints Row 2 again just recently in anticipation of Saints Row the Third coming out soonish. It’d been years since I played it and I’d never actually finished the game (I’m notoriously bad at finishing games, despite putting in many, many hours into every game I play… I guess I get distracted way too easily by side missions and other games), so its basically like playing it new again for me. This, of course, means I have spent many nights lately cackling gleefully and cursing like a Saint while I run amok causing untold amounts of chaos, mayhem, and havoc.  I’m also getting lovely reminders of just *why* I loved the game so much as a nascent feminist back when I played it the first time, despite the seriously lopsided sexual objectification present in the game. The humor is pitch perfect for me most of the time and I love, love, love the character creation, especially the body slider. Seriously, such a sadly unique concept in character creators: you’re given a human body, and with the slider you change how feminized or masculinized that human body looks. Super tiny waists and big boobs? Check. Upside-down triangle of manly muscles? Check. Amazingly awesome androgyny? Check. Being able to have characters that are female, male, or neither without having to fit into strict stereotypical and idealized molds? Hells to the yeah! I so hope the third game, which has a much more in-depth character creator, still keeps this idea, because it seriously is the most creative (and by creative I mean blatantly obvious if you just stop and look around at natural human bodies) and simplest way of giving everyone a whole range of options.

Sadly, yet also funnily, the game is not overly stable on my PC at the moment. I’m not sure if I should blame the heat (yay for not having A/C!), blame the poor port of the game, or just my general EMP-ness, but I have gotten both some infuriating crashes (usually right when I’m about to complete a mission, of course) and hilarious bugs. Thus I present to you the new mini-game I discovered/created: Katamari Saints!

My character finishing up a round of Mayhem with a bug that makes everything I run over stick to my car. Sadly, they started despawning soon afterwards and I was not able to keep my awesome fence-car *sadface*


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