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And now a word from our sponsor…

Sorry about the radio silence folks, it’s been a bad couple of months for me, but I’m going to start trying to post here more often. Perhaps once a week… but definitely more than once every season lol.

The months after the move up here have been… well, honestly, depressing as all get out. I’m still miserably unemployed and with no prospects, far away from all the things I’m familiar with (friends, family, food, civilization… seriously there’s nothing up here) and my husband’s been battling his depression, PTSD, and physical injuries which leaves me with the lion’s share of the housework. All of which leaves me fairly down and out myself, but I’m trying to stay positive and hopeful, its just bloody hard some days to find interesting things to do, let alone interesting things to post about.

Until recently I haven’t even been playing many games, tho now I’ve got Rift taking up a good bit of my time. I’ve also got Sims Medieval, Fable 3, Dragon Age 2, and Portal 2 on my list of things I need to play in the near future. So expect a lot of Rift posts (like the one below which is actually an article I wrote for the Border House) and some about those other games. We’ll see. I’ve got one in the works about the armors in Rift (more in depth than the other post) and I’m wanting to do one about Kira and Uriel from Rift, but I need to wait till a little bit longer as Trion’s just started putting out a special lore series about them (gotta see if the stories confirm/change some of my ideas about em).

Anyhoo, my fair readers, not that there are terribly many of you, I’m going to try to be better at posting, but, heh, we’ll see how that goes.


One response to “And now a word from our sponsor…

  1. Ladebug April 20, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    Hey, it’s all about growing within yourself. At some point, you will say to yourself “Self, is this all there is to living?”. And you will anwer “nah, there’s more that one been waiting for!”. That’s when you will stop waiting for that magical something and start doing! But beware, as with all things, this too comes in a cycle!

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