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Life, lemons, and Texans in California

My what a crazy few months it’s been. I know its been several months since last I posted, but yeesh its hard up here for a displaced Texan.

We got to California mid May and ever since then I have been diligently job hunting submitting probably a hundred applications at this point and have gotten exactly 0 call backs 😦 I think its partly because the area we’re in has very few positions at my qualification level, yet a lot of applicants at my level. That and I think that when I apply for things under my level, I get turned down because I’m overqualified and they fear I will leave at the first hint of a better job, which isin’t necessarily true.

I have also been looking at going back to school to get a second bachelor’s in Soiciology/Women’s Studies because I think that would help my career/graduate school plans out more than anything else. It’s hard to impossible to get an entry level job in a psycholgoy field with just a BS in psych, but I think it would be easier to get an entry level position in the sociology field with a BS in soci and psych. Sadly though, those plans are turning out for naught as I contact different universities and they inform me that due to budget cuts they stopped offering second bachelor’s degrees. Thank you Great Recession, making it both hard to land a job and hard to further your education to make it easier to land a job.

Also, you would think that a liberal like me would just love living in California, the blue state bastion. Yeah, it is awesome to see hybrid and smart cars everywhere, to know that almost any politican running for office is pro-choice and at least nominally supports equal rights, but damn it all to hell if I didn’t move into one of the reddest counties in the bluest state. Though it does give me the supreme glee of seeing Tea Baggers driving Prius’s (Prii?).

All in all, it was good to move out here, even though right now life seems determined to hand me nothing but lemons. I’m sure that if I’m persistent enough I will eventually get a job, even if it is flippin burgers at McDonalds, and I’m sure that even if I can’t get into a second bachelor’s program, I will eventually be able to parlay my experience into a graduate degree. Until then: come visit Dr. Lizz’s Fabulous Lemonade and Sociological, Feministic Analogizing stand!


2 responses to “Life, lemons, and Texans in California

  1. zaewen September 21, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    It’s not the only red county, but it is quite red and there is no deep down conservatism, I’m liberal through and through.

  2. Ladebug September 21, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    Lemonade – I’ve made a few gallons of that so far during my life! It’s nice to know that you may claim yourself to be a flaming liberal but deep down you are a right-wing’d conservtist (oh what the heck you know what I mean). How can I think that, as you said, you moved into the only red county in the blue state!!!

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