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Moving, it sucks….

It’s almost time for me to say good-bye to Texas and I can’t beleive how much effort it takes to move, even when you’re not the one doing the packing! Thanks to my partner’s recent retirement from the Army, we get one free move wherein they will pack up all of our stuff, move it out to Cali, and then unpack all of it for us. It’s incredibly nice to be moving in just 6 days and not have a half-empty house and boxes piled up everywhere, but there is still so much for us to do! Even though they are packing for us, we still need to get rid of all the trash (not like actual trash, but just stuff we won’t be needing or using out in California) out of the house and get our stuff cleaned, organized, and ready to be packed. We also have a good half ton of stuff in our garage that is mixed in with other people’s stuff (we like to say we live in the halfway house for the Army, always someone crashing on our couch) that needs to be sorted out and made ready.

I spent all day to day making arrangements for various things. I had to set up a transport for my car because there is almost no way it would make the 1800 mi journey without some major tune-ups and hopefully they’ll be able to fit me in on such short notice. I also had to set up our itinerary to figure out where we could find pet friendly hotels along the way, but sadly since we don’t know exactly which date we’ll be leaving on, I can’t make reservations ahead of time. Then it was time to bounce between Hertz and Enterprise and figure out which would give us the best rate on a week long rental to get out there with and let me just tell you Enterprise is bloody expensive! Sadly, Hertz isn’t sure if they’ll be able to have an SUV for us when we head out, so we might have to try to stuff our suitcases, all the necessities that will be going personally with us, and the pups into a ‘large’ sedan. That could make for a very interesting 5 days.
Here’s to hoping we get everything that needs to be done, done tomorrow, cause I would sure hate to fall behind already.


One response to “Moving, it sucks….

  1. Ladebug May 13, 2010 at 9:40 pm

    Yes, Grasshopper, this too will pass and you will be stronger for it.


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